Supply Chain Management Careers – A Myriad of Choices (INFOGRAPHIC)

Supply Chain Management Careers are some of the most expansive and diverse disciplines within the business world as it encompasses a broad array of interconnected activities and functions that enable commerce, such as procurement, logistics, inventory planning, order fulfillment, and manufacturing. Likewise, supply chain career paths are expansive and diverse, especially when you factor in [...]

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Procurement Resume

Having specialized in procurement and supply chain recruitment for about 2 decades, I’d like to fill you in on a few must-have elements that you’ll want to incorporate into your procurement resume in efforts to optimize its effectiveness. My hopes are that some of these tips will help improve your job application to interview ratio [...]

Mission: Follow-up Interview

You landed the first interview, and you felt you really knocked it out of the park. You’re supposed to hear back in a few days, and then that time passes with no follow up interview or call….what do you do? Being either an in-person or phone interview, waiting to hear back can be tough.  As [...]

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Skillful Do’s and Don’ts For Resigning From Your Job

As 2019 comes to an end, and supply chain discipline continues to be a candidate-driven market as sources like DHL and Supply Chain Dive have reported that jobs in logistics and supply chain are expected to grow 26% in the next decade, and the demand for hiring top talent is a big challenge.  Therefore, now [...]

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How to Transition Military Supply Chain Skills into the Civilian Sector

  The transition for military candidates into civilian jobs can be an arduous process. Luckily, there are plenty of great resources available to assist with learning the civilian lingo and translating one’s military supply chain experience into the civilian sector. Included below are some tips and specialized resources to assist with learning the civilian supply [...]

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9 Steps in Evaluating a Job Offer

  During a job search, it’s common to spend weeks or even months researching career opportunities, sending out resumes and going on interviews. When you finally receive a viable job offer, there are typically feelings of anxiety when it comes to evaluating the opportunity and especially negotiating and making a final decision. How will you [...]

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Attract Supply Chain Employers By Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

In today’s technologically advanced world, many recruiters spend as much time searching social media platforms like LinkedIn as they do utilize job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder to find qualified individuals for their supply chain job openings. You can attract supply chain employers through optimizing your social media profiles. Having a strong presence on as [...]

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APICS Career Coach Webinar: Becoming a Better Supply Chain Networker

Learning to become a strong networker is critical for accelerating your career in supply chain. Unfortunately, many supply chain professionals don't understand the benefits associated with networking and only do so when they're in job search mode. Others are intimidated by the sheer thought of reaching out to strangers to network and strike [...]

Webinar: Top LinkedIn Profile Tips for Supply Chain Professionals

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you? How confident are you that your profile is well positioned to attract supply chain recruiters and hiring managers? No need to panic, as SCM Talent Group has your back! This webinar presented by both Rodney Apple, President of SCM Talent Group and APICS Career Coach [...]

5 Keys to Launch a Successful Supply Chain Career

The field of Supply Chain Management offers a very broad and diverse range of career options with many opportunities for growth, making it both an exciting and overwhelming place to begin a career. It’s very important to gain a baseline understanding of the supply chain career spectrum in efforts to set yourself up for success [...]

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