When you engage SCM Talent Group to handle a search assignment, you are making a wise “investment” because our mission is to recruit A-grade supply chain talent that can immediately add value and make a positive impact to both your top and bottom lines. When this happens, and it typically does, candidates that we place often times pay for our “placement fee” and their own salary several times over within their first year of employment. So instead of using the term “placement fee”, we encourage our clients to use the term “investment” because the odds are very high that there will be a strong “Return on Investment” within year one on the job.

In addition, we know that in most cases you need to fill open roles and get someone working on your most critical initiatives as soon as possible. Time is money and we understand that leaving a critical position unfilled for an abnormal length of time can be detrimental to your supply chain and bottom line. Since we already have a large global network of supply chain professionals, we are able to reach out to top candidates more quickly, saving time in qualifying and presenting them to you and your hiring team. We can move them through the selection and hiring process by deploying a wide spectrum of resources and tools to fill the job more quickly.