Top passive supply chain candidates are already working at their current company and often are very careful to protect their confidentiality and identity, which is why they often do not apply to online job postings. We are able to provide them with the utmost level of confidentiality and privacy when approaching them to present and discuss your opportunity, which makes them much more willing to listen and consider.

By working with SCM Talent Group exclusively, you will also avoid the concern of top candidates being approached about your opportunity by more than one firm, which can cause potential confusion and embarrassment for all parties. Additionally, the higher the level of the position or the more complex skill set and experience required, the use of an exclusive firm highly experienced in recruiting supply chain talent becomes increasingly important.

We know how to pre-qualify candidates to determine their level of experience and skills, and know how to ask the tough, detailed questions that determine if they are the right fit for your specific roles, team and company culture. We also know how to appropriately present your opportunity to help entice high-demand supply chain candidates to interview. You benefit because we will advise and make recommendations to you throughout the critical selection and interview process in order to help you avoid a potentially bad and costly hiring mistake.
Additionally, we have the knowledge and experience in recommending competitive compensation packages and negotiating offers to top candidates. This helps to ensure a win-win scenario for both parties and selected candidates to accept your offer and join your team!