Supply Chain Career Toolbox

Your toolbox for everything related to productivity, advancing your supply chain career, optimizing your resume, and much more.

What is Supply Chain?

ASU’s Supply Chain Management Youtube Series– A 12 part breakdown of all the aspects of supply chain management

Supply Chain Management for Dummies– a great resource to help better understand supply chain and connect the dots between things like purchasing, logistics and operations


Google Alerts – track the keywords, trends, etc. that you are interested in

Extensity– easily manage all of your Chrome extensions

JibberJobber  Tracks all the information you collect during a job search, including target companies, application, application status, and resume submittals

Feedly  RSS news reader/organizer keeps track of your favorite news articles, blogs, and trade journals

Cloze  Automatically keeps track of your email, phone calls, meetings, documents, Evernote, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Email Tools

Hubspot Sales track your outgoing emails to see if they were received, opened, and even if the links were clicked

FindAnyEmail searches all publicly available data to find and validate email addresses on over 1.5 billion social media accounts

TruePeopleSearch see everything about your contacts right inside your inbox, including their LinkedIn profile information, what they look like, their location, and their profession

Meeting Sites

MeetUp world’s largest network of local groups, Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group, or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face

EventBrite  is the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform- a great resource for identifying networking events in your local area

LunchMeet  allows for meaningful, face-to-face networking wherever you are, whenever you are available

Facebook Groups includes many industry and career-oriented groups.  Check out the Supply Chain Jobs group on Facebook, which was created to share supply chain management job vacancies, career development advice, and networking

LinkedIn Groups are similar to Facebook groups, features hundreds of groups across the supply chain discipline, from industry to practice area related

Career Advancement

ASCM (formally APICS) Career Coach ASCM (formally APICS) members can access insightful white papers and webinars written by our Founder Rodney Apple on a variety of topics from career advancement, job search strategy, resume advice and interview help.

Job Search Strategy 

Job Search Strategy Tips to obtain the career you want and deserve, leverage our tips for developing and executing a supply chain job search strategy

Job Search Strategy Template helps you keep track of specific goals, contacts, job applications, interviews and key action steps, helping you refine your strategy

Job Search Strategy eBook 24-page guide that’s chock-full of tips and advice to develop and execute a winning job search strategy.

Interview Tools

Supply Chain Interview Questions– most common questions with the best way to answer

Top Interview Tips on how to prepare, what to do after, top interview do’s/ don’ts, and more!

Resume Tips

Supply Chain Resume Tips on how to best market yourself with open positions

Resume Writing Services:  reach out and use our professional

Resume Template: use this outline to your advantage

Hiring Advice

How to Hire Supply Chain Professionals in 2021: A guide that contains tips for attracting, hiring, and retaining supply chain talent



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