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Supply Chain Job Seeker FAQs

General Questions:

What if I’m really not interested in making a move right now?2017-02-28T14:15:18-05:00

Our mission is to develop a long-term relationship and serve as a valuable career advisory partner throughout your career. Even if you’re completely content in your current role, we still want to understand your unique career goals and aspirations so we can help you accelerate your career growth.

Are your services confidential?2017-02-28T14:14:47-05:00

Absolutely! We have built our business on solid relationships, a strong reputation and trust. We know that confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance when a firm approaches you with opportunities to consider. As a matter of mutual trust and respect, we will never present your resume and information to any company or anyone in our network without first contacting you to determine your level of interest and to gain your permission.

Are all jobs listed on the website?2019-05-10T11:33:50-04:00

No, we cannot post all job opportunities to our website and the reasons vary such as protecting client confidentiality when we’re assigned a confidential replacement search, for example. Senior-level executive searches typically aren’t advertised on our website as well. If you work as a supply chain executive and would like to inquire about current openings please contact us for more information.

I do not see a specific posting that I want to apply for. What should I do?2020-01-31T14:23:29-05:00

Our job postings change very frequently as we receive new client search assignment and fill others. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your resume to our secure database as it’s the first place our supply chain talent recruiters go when we kick off a new search assignment. Be sure to sign up to receive our job blasts when new positions are posted as well.

What will happen to my resume if and when I submit it?2017-02-28T14:04:06-05:00

All resumes submitted to our secure database are held in strict confidence. We promise and guarantee that we’ll never share your resume or any other information without your prior consent.

How do you earn your fee? Do we pay or does the employer pay the fee?2017-02-28T14:03:10-05:00

Employers that engage our recruitment services pay the fees. As a job seeker, you will never be asked to pay any type of fee, with the exception of resume writing services or LinkedIn profile optimization services.

What types of positions do you typically staff?2017-02-28T14:02:36-05:00

We have deep and broad recruiting experience across the end-to-end supply chain discipline that includes logistics, global sourcing & procurement, inventory planning, manufacturing, continuous improvement, quality and everything in between. We have filled more than 1,000 supply chain positions ranging from professional level such as Supply Chain Analyst up senior executive officers such as Chief Supply Chain Officer. We do not work on non-exempt (hourly) positions, only exempt (salaried) positions.

Do you find jobs for job seekers by proactively marketing my resume to employers?2020-01-31T14:23:51-05:00

This is one of the most common misconceptions from candidates about recruiting and executive search firms. We are not in the business of marketing unsolicited resumes to companies as this practice is frowned upon by most employers and is often times considered a source of spam. Our clients are employers that hire and trust us to source and recruit candidates for certain job openings that they need assistance with filling. With that said, we receive new search assignments frequently so we encourage you to submit your resume to our secure database as this is the very first place our supply chain recruiting team check for candidates when we receive a new search assignment.

Do you offer contract or permanent positions?2017-02-28T14:01:25-05:00

We offer both contract and permanent positions.

What kind of services do you offer?2019-05-13T16:51:29-04:00

We offer a full range of supply chain recruiting services such as Retained Executive Search, Contingency Search and Contract Staffing (temporary staffing for projects or interim hiring needs). For job seekers, we also offer resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization services which you can learn about here.

What kind of companies and industries do you typically hire for?2022-01-18T15:39:56-05:00

We primarily recruit for companies in the United States that make and/or sell products, ranging from start-up to Fortune 500. Core industries that we have provided supply chain recruitment services to include Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG / FMCG), Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, High-Tech, Consumer Electronics, Logistics & Transportation, Telecommunications, Medical Device, Healthcare, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Food & Beverage, Paper & Packaging, Textiles, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Energy & Utilities, Management Consulting, Non-Profit (Supply Chain Associations) and more.

Career Advancement:

Do I have to apply to specific job or can I register with you?2020-01-31T14:39:58-05:00

Both! You can submit your resume to our secure database, or if one of the open positions interests you, you can apply directly. Either way, your resume gets stored in our database, and is the first place our team looks when searching to fill a new position.

Can you help me if I am just graduating and looking for my first position?2017-02-28T14:18:26-05:00

While it’s very rare that we receive entry-level or internship positions to work on, we certainly can help in the form of providing career and job search advice so you can start out on the right foot and not make the same mistakes that many professional make when entering the workforce. We can help you to better understand the types of career opportunities that exist and which jobs and industries are poised for growth. We encourage you to explore our website and blog as a starting point and submit any questions you have via our contact page.

Can you help me improve my supply chain resume?2017-02-28T14:17:50-05:00

We can coach you on enhancing your supply chain resume and if interested, refer you to a professional resume writing expert that specializes in working with job seeker clients in the supply chain profession.

What tools and advice do you have available for job seekers?2017-02-28T14:17:18-05:00

With your career goals and aspirations in mind, we work to provide you with expert-level supply chain career advice, trending supply chain news and hot jobs straight to your inbox. We routinely share career development advice on our blog and social networking sites such as LinkedIn, plus host webinars on a periodic basis. We share advice on most topics within the supply chain career development umbrella such as resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, job search strategy, offer negotiation, networking, interviewing and more. Our goal is to help you achieve your career goals throughout your career.

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