Supply Chain is one of the few areas at Berlin where we utilize outside search. We originally had a partner that we were/are very happy with, but that firm was at capacity, so we needed some more help. SCM was a known entity to one of our HR Business Partners, so we set up a meeting with their Founder and Managing Partner. Right from the beginning, I knew we had another rock-solid partner. SCM’s staff have been in the Supply Chain space for a very long time, so it was very easy for them to understand exactly what we were looking for. Our hiring managers have a great relationship with Jordan West in particular, who has been a joy to work with not only because he is smart and on the ball, but brings them great talent in the toughest market on record. I would highly recommend SCM for any Supply Chain or Quality search needs! SCM will be partners with Berlin for a very long time.

Jill PerlsteinDirector, Talent ManagementBerlin Packaging