Top Supply Chain Certifications

Below are some of the top supply chain certifications that we recommend you explore. They provide individuals with a certain level of prestige and authenticity. Obtaining these certifications separates individuals from the norm.

Supply Chain Certifications

Association for Supply Chain Management

For over 60 years, supply chain professionals and organizations have relied on APICS to deliver world-class certification.

APICS Offers 4 Different Supply Chain Certifications and Credentials:

  1. CLTD Certification: Certified in Logistics Transportation, and Distribution; The CLTD program helps you demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a broad range of supply chain logistics topics to set you apart from your peers — proving your high level of knowledge and skills.
  2. CPIM Certification: Certified in Procurement and Inventory Management; Recognized as the standard of professional competence in production and inventory management, companies rely on CPIM designees to maximize ROI and increase customer satisfaction.
  3. CSCP Certification: Certified Supply Chain Professional; The CSCP program helps you demonstrate your knowledge and organizational skills for developing more streamlined operations. Since its launch in 2006, more than 25,000 professionals in 100 countries have earned the CSCP designation.
  4. SCOR-P Credential: Endorsement in Supply Chain Operations Reference Professional; Learn techniques for managing and measuring the performance of a global supply chain using the SCOR model with the SCOR Professional program.
  5. CTSC Credential: The CTSC will equip supply chain professionals responsible for driving transformation with a collected group of best practices, knowledge, skills, and abilities to initiate and enact supply chain transformation.

Our founder and president Rodney Apple served as the APICS Career Coach previously for 7 years. He was responsible for providing supply chain career development advice and content for APICS members which includes publishing white papers and hosting corresponding webinars on a quarterly basis.

Supply Chain Certification

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the preeminent worldwide professional association of supply chain management pros.

CSMP features a certification called SCPro:

This Certification is a three-tiered program that assesses progressive knowledge and skills across integrated supply chain activities. This process validates an individual’s ability to strategically assess business challenges and effectively implement supply chain improvements through the analysis of real-world case studies and developing a comprehensive project plan to achieve results such as a positive ROI.

The 3 tiers are:

  1. SCPro™ Level One: Cornerstones of Supply Chain Management:
  2. SCPro™ Level Two: Analysis and Application of Supply Chain Challenges
  3. SCPro™ Level Three: Initiation of Supply Chain Transformation
Supply Chain Certification

Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply 

CIPS is the premier global organization serving the procurement and supply profession. Dedicated to promoting best practice, CIPS provides a wide range of services for the benefit of members and the wider business community.

CIPS offers a certification in Procurement and Supply Operations, which provides you with the skills employers are looking for and will equip you for a successful career. Whether you are new to procurement and supply or you want to develop your existing skills, we are here to help you every step of the way.

These supply chain certifications are offered in different levels:

Supply Chain Certification
Warehousing, Education & Resource Council (WERC)

WERC provides resources that help distribution professionals stay at the leading edge including educational events, performance metrics for benchmarking, practical research, expert insights and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

WERC offers a Warehouse Facility Assessment and Certification Program: A program that assesses an individual warehouse facility’s capabilities and its ability to perform core warehousing functions.

Providing a robust industry standard-grading methodology which includes facility inspections and process assessments by independent third parties, our certified auditors benchmark and grade warehouse operations against a 5-point scale.

Supply Chain Certification
Institute for Supply Management (ISM)

The Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) is the largest supply management association in the world as well as one of the most respected.

ISM offers 2 different Supply Chain certifications:

  1. CPSM Certification: Certified Professional In Supply Management; Built on an in-depth analysis of supply management functions across industries, the CPSM program addresses the realities of supply management, as well as workplace complexities as globalization, use of technology, and expanded competencies that supply management professionals employ to drive value in their organizations.
  2. CPSD Certification: Certified Professional In Supplier Diversity; As demographics continue to change, organizations increasingly need experts to implement or oversee their supplier diversity programs. With a CPSD, you can become the expert they need and identify the opportunities and challenges that arise to make intelligent supplier diversity decisions.
Six Sigma Certification
International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP)

ISSSP is committed to promoting the adoption, advancement and integration of Six Sigma in business. Our community supports this mission through advocacy and awareness efforts; professional recognition and development; and by serving as an information and referral source.

ISSP offers a Six Sigma Certification: The primary difference between certification and receiving a certificate is firsthand experience beyond training alone, usually evidenced by project completion. Certification is for the ranks of Green Belts and Black Belts, while certificates may be earned by White Belts, Yellow Belts, Green Belts, and Black Belts.

International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA)

IWLA is the unified voice of the value-added warehousing and logistics industry, representing third-party logistics (3PL) and warehousing service providers. Their nearly 500 member companies provide timely and cost-effective 3PL solutions for their customers.

IWLA 3 different certification programs:

  1. QWLP Certification: Qualified Warehouse Logistics Professional; This level is especially for emerging logistics professionals who are ready to make a career in the industry.
  2. CWLP Certification: Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional; This designation is for more-seasoned individuals who have broad career experience and who have pursued additional professional education.
  3. EWLP Certification: The EWLP program is reserved for individuals who have achieved officer-level success in their organizations and are exceptional leaders and officers within their organization
Supply Chain Certification
Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF)

IBF is a membership organization recognized worldwide as the premier full-service provider of demand planning, forecasting, business analytics, S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning)/ IBP (Integrated Business Planning) education, benchmarking research, corporate training, e-Learning, professional certification, world-class conferences, and advisory services.

IBF offers 2 certification programs:

  1. CPF Certification: Certified Professional Forecaster
  2. ACPF Certification: Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster
Supply Chain Certificate
Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is the top organization for the exchange of knowledge in enterprise excellence. Members come together to explore lean thinking and other enterprise improvement methods, exchange best practices and network in order to advance their careers and improve the competitiveness and overall value of their organizations.

AME offers a Lean Certification: This is an industry-leading program that provides individuals, companies, and educators with a comprehensive and effective roadmap for professional and workforce development that aligns with industry-recognized standards. It is an evolutionary journey where your knowledge and experience work together to create a depth of expertise upon which you can keep building.