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DEI Recruiting

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices at SCM Talent Group help employers deploy a more diverse supply chain recruitment strategy.

SCM Talent Group is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This commitment is emphasized internally within our firm and externally with our clients and candidates.


SCM Talent Group is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This commitment is emphasized internally within our firm and externally with our clients and candidates.

Our Approach to Diversity Recruiting


Implementation of standardized screening and assessment techniques that reduce bias.​

Leveraging the diverse perspectives of our remote recruitment team who are based in various regions across the United States.

Fostering a company culture that supports, promotes, and has a passion for advancing diversity. ​

Ensure we have the right systems and technologies in place to identify and attract underrepresented talent.


Leveraging robust recruitment channels that enable diverse candidate slates.​

The Supply Chain Careers Podcast helps us access a broad network of talent and allows us to spotlight and promote high potential talent from underrepresented groups.​

Strategic alliances with organizations dedicated to the advancement of underrepresented groups.​

Enable market insights that inform SCM Talent Group where to identify top underrepresented talent.


Partnering with clients to help identify and place underrepresented talent at the highest levels of their organization.​

Advising our clients on how to articulate job descriptions in a way that speaks to a broader range of talent and enhances their brand as a diverse employer of choice.​

Leverage our digital marketing expertise to help spotlight our clients’ culture, directly linking their employer value proposition to their DE&I efforts.

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Benefits of engaging an executive search firm with DEI recruiting at top of mind

With the major workplace transformations that have occurred in recent years, employees are no longer simply looking for a job that pays well.

Top talent wants an environment where they feel accepted and have space to grow. According to Glassdoor, 76% of job seekers and employees report that a diverse workforce is a significant factor when evaluating new employers.

Access to a new, well-qualified talent pool by seeking diverse talent and implementing partnerships with recruitment agencies who prioritize DEI.

Working with a dependable recruiting agency can make a significant difference in reaching your diversity hiring goals.


Our Founder and Managing Partner, Rodney Apple, was part of a major diversity transformation initiative when he worked at The Coca-Cola Company leading their early efforts at building and maintaining diversity across their entire supply chain. Rodney was tasked with ensuring that Coca Cola’s supply chain adequately and properly reflected standards of diversity, equity, and inclusion. A lot of the work that he did to help implement these practices remains to this day.

Ashleigh Byrley, Practice Director at SCM Talent Group, previously served as the Diversity Recruitment Lead for The Lubrizol Corporation where she was responsible for developing and executing the Lubrizol Diversity Recruitment Strategy. Ashleigh has a wealth of knowledge and experience in diversity sourcing & recruitment that she graciously shares with our internal teams and externally with our growing client base.

End-To-End Supply Chain Recruiting Expertise

SCM Talent has a track record of supporting industry leaders in their DEI efforts across a wide range of industries.


Supply Chain Management


Transportation & Logistics


Strategic Sourcing & Procurement


Supply & Demand Planning




Continuous Improvement





Diverse Thought Leaders Featured by SCM Talent Group

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Key DEI Recruitment Considerations

Diversity hiring practices are more than just job descriptions or boasting diverse employees.  Building diverse teams depend on leadership being committed to elevating employees with diverse backgrounds and diversity recruitment.

You can’t attract diverse candidates unless you’re able to demonstrate that your DEI initiatives are rooted in the value systems of your organization. DEI recruiting is not easy and not everyone prioritizes it. However, studies have shown that more diverse candidates build more diversity into leadership positions providing a broader spectrum of thought and action.

Gender Diversity

Generational Diversity

Racial Diversity

Work Experience Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Sexual Orientation

Familial status

Physical and Mental Disabilities

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