Company Name

Ubique Group

Search Job Title

Director of Distribution Center Operations

Client Profile

B2B / B2C eCommerce wholesale distributor of furniture and specialty furnishings.

Role Objectives & Challenges

Our client was seeking a leader for the premier distribution center in their network. Goals for this leader include developing continuous improvement initiatives, associate mentorship & development, WMS implementation and operational excellence. They were looking for someone to foster a safety-first culture while continuing to optimize the facility for efficiencies to meet company growth.

Our Approach to Solve the Search

The ideal candidate profile for this search required SCM Talent Group to take a deep dive into distribution organizations in the greater geographical market. Because of the heightened distribution activity in this geographic region, competition for this type of talent was very high. We found success by networking with distribution leaders to identify competitors working with relatable size, scope and compatible warehouse technologies. The search team met weekly with the client partners (SVP Global DC Operations, SVP People + Culture) in order to provide real-time data on search progress that allowed the client to leverage current market compensation indicators to develop a strong offer to their selected candidate.

The Hire & Results

The successful candidate settled into their new role as the Director of DC Operations at the turn of the new year. The compensation data provided by SCM Talent Group provided further support toward the client’s plans for organization-wide compensation analysis and benchmarking to be set in motion in 2024.