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Contract Supply Chain Talent

Welcome to the future of supply chain talent – a world where agility, flexibility, and expertise come together to create unprecedented efficiency along with increased capacity.

The Gig Economy is here. Is your Supply Chain properly equipped?


Interim Executives

Contract Professionals

project teams

On-Demand Talent

Deploy Gig Economy Supply Chain Talent Solutions

SCM Talent Group can provide you with interim executives and on-demand professionals to lead, facilitate, or support your supply chain projects and strategic initiatives. These immediate deployments provide real-time diagnosis and operational executions for immediate supply chain talent needs.

Are you ready to explore the advantages of the gig economy in your supply chain operations? Contact us today and let’s revolutionize your business together. Build Capacity for your supply chain organization without sacrificing production or output.


Capitalize on Fractional Supply Chain Consulting

Tap into an extensive network of specialized supply chain services, customized to unlock optimal solutions for your unique supply chain needs.


Infrastructure Planning


Network Design


Planning Maturity


Technology Integration for Supply Chain Planning


Logistics Optimization (Mode Optimization)


Strategic Warehousing Automation Modelling

Supply Chain Expertise At Your Fingertips

Enrich your supply chain with a team of seasoned fractional consultants, giving you an unparalleled competitive advantage.

An Alternative To Management Consulting.

Gain a strategic advantage over firms that simply use management consultants without the benefit of expertise in execution. We can provide you unparalleled access to consultants who not only diagnose your supply chain issues, but are able to be operational, as needed.

These experts have been in your shoes and have domain expertise in the exact fields where you need help.


Hear First Hand From Supply Chain Leaders

Listen to a podcast hosted by supply chain expert, Chris Gaffney, tailored towards the executive audience highlighting some of the most sought-after leadership tactics deployed by successful supply chain leaders.

Insights into the Supply Chain Gig Economy

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