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Guide: Specialized vs Generalist

Why Companies Prefer Specialized Supply Chain Recruiters vs Generalists Download Your Copy Below When it comes to finding top talent for your supply chain team, the stakes are high. After all, your supply chain is the backbone of your business, and any disruption can have a ripple effect on your entire organization. Find out why more and more companies are turning to specialized supply chain recruiters to help them find the best candidates for the job. 85% of employers complain generalist recruiters submit poorly-matched candidates. 91% of supply chain [...]

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Continuous Improvement Director Job Description

A Continuous Improvement Director position drives implementation across the supply chain including development, planning, and execution of strategies and metrics for Lean principles. A Continuous Improvement Director leads the company initiatives to save cost, eliminate waste, prove customer satisfaction, reduce product defects and increase market share through the use of Lean Six Sigma tools and continuous improvement technologies. This role is responsible for managing and facilitating all Continuous Improvement initiatives and strategy for the company.

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