Why You Should Not Present a Lowball a Job Offer

By providing a lowball job offer to a qualified applicant, you are only cheating yourself and your business’s bottom line. Not to mention, you can quickly tarnish your employer brand. Candidates will likely share their negative experiences with their frien

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3 Part Webinar Series – Obtain the Supply Chain Job You Deserve: Pandemic-era Job Search Strategies

  PART 3: Interview and Offer Negotiation Webinar! Presented by ASCM Career Coach and SCM Talent Group President Rodney Apple WATCH RECAP HERE           PART 2: Job Search & Networking Strategies Webinar!  Presented by ASCM Career Coach and SCM Talent [...]

Toolkit for Supply Chain Disruptions

Jobless claims have reached a record high, and millions will be focused on seeking new employment within an economy that has been shocked to its core by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. In the spirit of helping professionals that have been laid off or furloughed, SCM Talent Group  has just completed a compilation of our top [...]

9 Steps in Evaluating a Job Offer

  During a job search, it’s common to spend weeks or even months researching career opportunities, sending out resumes and going on interviews. When you finally receive a viable job offer, there are typically feelings of anxiety when it comes to evaluating the opportunity and especially negotiating and making a final decision. How will you [...]

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How to Address Questions About Current And Desired Salary

The all-important “What’s your current and desired salary?” questions that are typically asked in a job interview can be challenging to address especially if you haven’t spent any time preparing your thoughts for how you would respond to these questions. I view these salary questions as a poker game where the goal of one party is [...]

Offer Evaluation and Negotiation Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some quick tips to consider when you find yourself in offer evaluation and negotiation mode: DO Do research the average salary and average salary ranges for the type of job you’re interviewing for. Do research the company to determine opportunity for career growth, company reputation, etc. Do withhold salary information for as long [...]

APICS Career Coach Webinar: How to Evaluate and Negotiate a Job Offer

Our leader, Rodney Apple, who also serves as the APICS Career Coach, will be presenting another webinar for APICS members on Wednesday, December 17th from 1pm – 2pm CST. His newest white paper and webinar are titled "How to Evaluate and Negotiate a Job Offer" and will teach job seekers how employers calculate job offers and provide [...]

Rodney Apple to Serve as Career Coach for APICS, Kicks Off First Webinar on May 21st

I am very excited to be serving as the new Career Coach for APICS – the American Production and Inventory Control Society. For those not familiar with APICS, it is the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management and the premier provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate end-to-end supply chain excellence, [...]

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