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4 Day Work Week Most Innovative Employee Retention Strategy

Introduction Competition for top tier talent continues to be an issue, especially in supply chain. Employers are striving for balance between attracting the best talent and using innovative employee retention strategies to fill out their org charts. Since the world was turned upside down in 2020 with a Pandemic, there has been a back and forth between employee and an employer driven work world. In 2020, the pendulum started out in favor of employees as fully remote workplaces evolved out of necessity but remained due to talent shortages. As the economy settled and became less volatile, employers started to [...]

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Director of Procurement Job Description and Position Overview

Introduction The Director of Procurement plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of an organization's supply chain and procurement processes. They are responsible for overseeing the sourcing, purchasing, and negotiation of goods and services necessary for the organization's operations. This role demands strategic thinking, strong negotiation skills, and a deep understanding of market dynamics to optimize procurement strategies and drive cost efficiencies. This Director of Procurement job description will help employers better understand they type of individual they’ll need to hire as well as how best to find these candidates in the most efficient manner. Director of [...]

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Price Bumps Turn to Brand Marketing for CPG Companies

Introduction Economic levers being pulled by manufacturing companies in 2024 involve marketing and volume plays. Companies don’t have the power to push prices like they did in 2020 and later. Those margins are now fixed. Unlike a lot of the tech world, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies don’t have the option really to reduce labor costs in any meaningful way to recoup margins without also compromising production. They have hence turned to investing these price hike profits in marketing to increase brand awareness. Supply chain pressures easing have allowed a lot more flexibility in how these organizations use their [...]

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Channel Free Logistics Innovates Supply Chain’s Traditional Operations

Introduction According to Bill Thayer, “Logistics is the part of retail where you can truly be very collaborative.” Thayer’s company Fillogic has developed a process and practice he dubs “channel free logistics.” We talked to Thayer on our most recent podcast about how he developed this concept as well as how he came to learn about the importance of logistics practices in the effectiveness of retail operations. One thing we came away from was his insistence on the criticality of relationships and collaborations in creating more effective logistics modes. We also discuss how Fillogic has been able to engage [...]

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Human Capital Management Finds Value Using Supply Chain Management Tactics

By Andrew Lobo This article is a companion piece our Podcast with Andrew Lobo, "The Future of Supply Chain Talent Management."  Introduction - Why compare Supply Chain Management to Human Capital Management? The purpose of this article is to examine the various aspects of supply chain management (SCM) and suggest that many of the tools, processes, and technologies could be useful inspiration for how we manage talent. By leveraging established methods used in SCM we can potentially improve how we manage talent. The current US GDP is approximately $27 trillion. Of this, depending on the specific measurement method used, [...]

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