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Co Sourcing Partners Impact Outcomes and Profitability

By Chris Gaffney and Karen Bird Find the Right Co-Sourcing Partner Building capability in your supply chain used to be a bright-line distinction: Either you did it yourself or you hired someone else to handle it entirely. In-sourcing versus outsourcing, all or nothing, whether you were looking at planning, execution, or even the physical work of supply chain operations. Today's complex and ever-shifting environment, though, requires a more nuanced and flexible approach that can deliver both agility and deep expertise at different levels, depending on the situation: Co-Sourcing.  Co-sourcing is an intentional blending of sorts: It's the shared delivery [...]

By |April 26, 2023|

Diversity in Supply Chain – (DEI) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Supply Chains

Managing diversity in your company’s supply chain workforce can be challenging. However, the overall benefits of a diverse workforce improve your company’s worth. In business, the bottom line indicates the health and growth of a company. Most return on investment (ROI) numbers can be calculated fairly easily, but there are some intangibles that improve ROI and aren’t so easy to correlate. One such “intangible” is diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in a company’s workforce. In this article, we make a case for actively pursuing DEI (sometimes called just D&I for Diversity and Inclusion), in supply chains and business. Multiple guests on the Supply Chain Careers Podcast have emphasized how diverse backgrounds and viewpoints positively enhance the ability for supply [...]

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Why Your Supply Chain Recruiters Should Be Supply Chain Consultants

Sourcing top notch supply chain talent has become just as volatile as the supply chain itself and requires specialized recruiters who double as supply chain consultants and talent advisors for your organization. Disruption and volatility has become the norm in the world of supply chain. The field was wrought with archaic processes, aging workforce, and prone to delays from things like weather events and political whims. It now seems that geopolitical impulses and volatile externalities have had a permanent disruptive impact on the end to end supply chain world. Because of this, it has become ever more important to be able to rely on your specialized supply chain recruiter as a supply chain consultant.

By |April 13, 2023|
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