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How to Find Supply Chain Internships or Co-ops

How Do I Find Supply Chain Internships and Co-ops? The first step in finding supply chain internships or co-ops is to know what you are looking for, but this is not going to be your first full-time, permanent job coming out of school, so getting experience in a new area might be good for you. However, it is good to focus on the kind of work you think might be your preference after graduation. The second step is knowing where to look. That is the concentration of this article. Use all the resources you possibly can to cast a wide [...]

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Why Get a Supply Chain Internship, and When?

Internships and co-ops are the best ways to get practical, highly-valued experience in supply chain. An internship (or two or three!) or a single co-op (because it is a single, multi-semester program) will expand and test both your hard skills and soft skills. This article will help you understand the differences between internships and co-ops, why you should obtain one or the other, and help you understand when they typically take place. Why Get a Supply Chain Internship or Co-op? Attracting employers. Employers considering you for a full-time position after graduation will look first at your previous employment to see [...]

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