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Logistics Coordinator Job Description

The Logistics Coordinator is a critical role that gets a company’s product from production to the consumer in a timely manner. The person in this role oversees all aspects of a company’s supply chain, from the preparation to transportation and finally to delivery, ensuring the flow of raw materials and final products from suppliers to retailers and customers.

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Warehouse Manager Job Description

Warehouse managers tend to work at a single facility, managing one or more aspects of the flow of goods, from incoming receipt of goods to putaway/storage, then picking, packing, and shipping of goods out of the facility.

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Supply Chain Manager Job Description

The role of a Supply Chain Manager carries the responsibility of overseeing and managing every stage of the production flow for a company. This includes purchasing raw materials, delivering those materials to various points, ensuring the company makes enough product to meet customer demand, and delivering the final product to the right destinations on time and within budget.

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Supply Chain Analyst Job Description

The range of possible responsibilities for the position title of Supply Chain Analyst can be very broad and may be found in every part of supply chain and in every industry. This position naturally concentrates on understanding supply chains, but may be applied to purchasing/sourcing, production/operations, or logistics/distribution. A supply chain analyst needs to be able to access, interpret and leverage data to help companies make decisions for the sourcing, production, and distribution of products. They ensure that the company’s materials and products keep flowing and that supply meets the internal or customers’ demand, is delivered on time, and keeps the company on budget. They may evaluate supplier pricing, product mixes, or transportation costs, or possibly a blend of all these across the supply chain.

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Industrial Engineer Job Description

If you’re producing and moving goods, you need a transportation manager. These individuals handle and understand how goods are moved throughout the supply chain and all modes of transportation therein.

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Continuous Improvement Director Job Description

A Continuous Improvement Director position drives implementation across the supply chain including development, planning, and execution of strategies and metrics for Lean principles. A Continuous Improvement Director leads the company initiatives to save cost, eliminate waste, prove customer satisfaction, reduce product defects and increase market share through the use of Lean Six Sigma tools and continuous improvement technologies. This role is responsible for managing and facilitating all Continuous Improvement initiatives and strategy for the company.

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