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Director of Procurement Job Description and Position Overview

Introduction The Director of Procurement plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of an organization's supply chain and procurement processes. They are responsible for overseeing the sourcing, purchasing, and negotiation of goods and services necessary for the organization's operations. This role demands strategic thinking, strong negotiation skills, and a deep understanding of market dynamics to optimize procurement strategies and drive cost efficiencies. This Director of Procurement job description will help employers better understand they type of individual they’ll need to hire as well as how best to find these candidates in the most efficient manner. Director of [...]

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Human Capital Management Finds Value Using Supply Chain Management Tactics

By Andrew Lobo This article is a companion piece our Podcast with Andrew Lobo, "The Future of Supply Chain Talent Management."  Introduction - Why compare Supply Chain Management to Human Capital Management? The purpose of this article is to examine the various aspects of supply chain management (SCM) and suggest that many of the tools, processes, and technologies could be useful inspiration for how we manage talent. By leveraging established methods used in SCM we can potentially improve how we manage talent. The current US GDP is approximately $27 trillion. Of this, depending on the specific measurement method used, [...]

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Director of Logistics Position Overview

A Day in the Life of a Director of Logistics As a Director of Logistics, every day presents lots of challenges and opportunities. This pivotal role requires a unique blend of skills, both technical and interpersonal, to ensure the smooth operation of the supply chain. These positions are taking on more and more importance as supply chains continue to morph and adapt to things like reshoring, nearshoring and other issues like geopolitical upheaval, labor clashes, and the rise of AI and other tech. In addition to exploring the day to day workload of a director of logistics, we’ll talk [...]

By |February 15, 2024|

Reasons for the Supply Chain Talent Shortage & How are Companies Adapting

Money doesn't grow on trees, normally. However, if you have desirable skills and supply chain experience, you can almost write your own ticket to lucrative job opportunities. For at least the last decade, as supply chain management has changed, there has been a shortage of talent, and it continues to get more severe. This is true across all industries and across the globe. Demand for supply chain talent is at an all-time high as companies have recognized the importance of global supply chains for their success. Through studies by various organizations, it is shown that companies with high-performing supply [...]

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Comparing Contingency and Retained Search: What’s the Difference?

Navigating the complex world of executive search can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing between retained search and contingent search methods. Both approaches have their merits, but which one is best suited for your company’s specific needs? In this blog post, we’ll explore the key differences between retained search and contingent search, weigh the pros and cons of each method, and provide valuable insights to help you make the right decision for your organization’s talent acquisition strategy, with a focus on the benefits of retained search. Key Takeaways Retained search is a comprehensive and consultative approach [...]

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Operations Career Paths | Overview of Career Opportunities

Introduction Supply chain operations career paths are on the rise in prominence and importance. Supply chains play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless flow of goods, services, and information from manufacturers to end-users/consumers. As the demand for streamlined operations continues to rise, the importance of career paths in supply chain operations has become more pronounced than ever. If you’re looking to make a career move, you would be wise to consider these career paths. The Growing Demand for Supply Chain Professionals In a globalized marketplace characterized by rapid technological advancements, organizations are recognizing the strategic importance of supply [...]

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Supply Chain Skills Employers Are Looking For

Introduction Supply chain skills can be hard to come by. This niche skillset has created a fierce competition for talent where employers are relying more and more on specialized talent professionals to help fill these gaps. However, as the competition increases, upskilling current employees and promoting from within has become more popular. So before you start job hopping, you may want to consider ways in which you can improve your lot where you are. What Supply Chain Skills Do Employers Want? Students often ask what they can do to prepare themselves for supply chain employment opportunities such as internships, [...]

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Forecast Your Supply Chain Talent Needs Through a Workforce Planning Study

Conducting a routine workforce planning study is important for optimizing your organization’s ability to hire and retain supply chain talent. In a way, it’s similar to supply chain planning, but instead of planning for raw materials and finished goods, workforce planning involves developing a forecast for your talent needs over a time period ensuring that your organization is aligned with the right strategies and resources to satisfy your talent demands. Here are the key steps needed to get started with conducting a workforce planning study: Gain a Deep Understanding of your Company’s Talent Landscape From a high level, you’ll want [...]

By |August 4, 2022|
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