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Reasons for the Supply Chain Talent Shortage & How are Companies Adapting

For at least the last decade, as supply chain management has changed, there has been a shortage of talent, and it continues to get more severe. This is true across all industries and across the globe. Demand for supply chain talent is at an all-time high as companies have recognized the importance of supply chain for their success. Through studies by various organizations, it is shown that companies with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth well above the industry average. And without talent, you can’t reach a high-performing supply chain. An article by Deloitte, titled “The Supply Chain Paradox--High [...]

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Ebook: The Art of Landing Top Sourcing and Procurement Talent

Supply Chain Careers podcast hosts, Rodney Apple and Chris Gaffney dive into conversation with Supply Chain Executive, Brett Frankenberg. Brett shares how he got started in supply chain through his curiosity about how things work in the physical operation side, but eventually was given an opportunity to get involved in higher-level enterprise systems.

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Webinar – “Hiring & Retaining Supply Chain Professionals in a Competitive Environment” – Watch Recap

Staying ahead of the supply chain talent war is one of the biggest challenges facing employers. It has been more difficult than ever to hire and retain professionals within your supply chain organization. Part 1 - October 27th, 2021 | Webinar  Recap Topics Covered: Pain Employers are Feeling Right Now Stats on Supply Chain Talent Shortage Develop Employer Branding Strategy Turn Your Organization into Talent Scouts Develop an Employee Referral Program Create a Supply Chain Leadership Development Program Implement a Mentorship Program Streamline Your Hiring Process [...]

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Attracting Top Supply Chain Talent – Tips and Tactics for Success

Every supply chain is unique. They differ in many ways too, from organizational design, processes, systems, SKUs, performance, and many other attributes. But, one thing all supply chains have in common is that they are looking for the best talent relevant to their needs. When it comes to attracting top supply chain talent, how can your organization make improvements? Many people might initially think that it is all about the money - the monetary compensation that makes the difference in drawing top supply chain recruits. Though competitive salaries are important, they alone are not what will make exceptional talent choose [...]

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