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Quiet Bridge Burning a HOT Topic

Quiet Bridge Burning could be the next hot trend in the employment market. Talent professionals have been experiencing a sharp rise in candidates who are accepting lucrative job offers, only to back out at the last minute.

By |February 9, 2023|

Second Round Interview Questions | How to Answer

Now that you’ve completed the first interview screen and have been contacted regarding the next round, it’s time to prepare for the second round interview questions. The questions in the second round can be much more in-depth than the  first round interview questions.

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Logistics Coordinator Job Description

The Logistics Coordinator is a critical role that gets a company’s product from production to the consumer in a timely manner. The person in this role oversees all aspects of a company’s supply chain, from the preparation to transportation and finally to delivery, ensuring the flow of raw materials and final products from suppliers to retailers and customers.

By |September 1, 2022|Tags: |

Warehouse Manager Job Description

Warehouse managers tend to work at a single facility, managing one or more aspects of the flow of goods, from incoming receipt of goods to putaway/storage, then picking, packing, and shipping of goods out of the facility.

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Transportation Manager Job Description

If you’re producing and moving goods, you need a transportation manager. These individuals handle and understand how goods are moved throughout the supply chain and all modes of transportation therein.

By |September 1, 2022|Tags: |

Plant Manager Job Description

If your company manufactures and produces products, there is a person who is tasked with overseeing and managing the entire process in the plant–the Plant Manager. The role of a plant manager is critical to the successful production of the product being manufactured. There are a lot of moving pieces in the plant that result in production and the manager must be on top of all of it.

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Procurement Specialist Job Description

The Procurement Specialist is an integral position in facilitating the timely delivery of goods and services while keeping costs as low as possible.. Employees specializing in procurement manage vendor relationships and oversee order placement.

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Sourcing Manager Job Description

The Sourcing Manager has the overall task of maintaining the company’s supply chain and ensuring that the organization always has access to the tools it needs to deliver. Let’s differentiate between “sourcing” and “procurement.”

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