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Second Round Interview Questions | How to Answer

Now that you’ve completed the first interview screen and have been contacted regarding the next round, it’s time to prepare for the second round interview questions. The questions in the second round can be much more in-depth than the  first round interview questions.

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6 Creative Ways to Find S&OP Talent (INFOGRAPHIC)

If your primary recruiting strategy for S&OP talent is “posting and praying”, you have already committed your first mistake. There’s a sea of top performers that are content in their current roles and are rarely surfing the job boards, so if you think you’re going to find top sales & operations planning talent through a job advertisement, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. To generate a strong candidate slate, you’ll need to expand your sourcing tactics beyond job postings in order to discover and land the most qualified individuals. Here are a few candidate sourcing channels we recommend to [...]

Demand Planner Job Description

Demand planning is a supply chain management process that forecasts demand for products to ensure they can be available and delivered to customers. The goal is to hit a balance between having sufficient inventory levels to meet customer needs without having a surplus. A Demand Planner helps to ensure that these levels are consistently met in a cost-effective manner.

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Diversity in Supply Chain – (DEI) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Supply Chains

Managing diversity in your company’s supply chain workforce can be challenging. However, the overall benefits of a diverse workforce improve your company’s worth. In business, the bottom line indicates the health and growth of a company. Most return on investment (ROI) numbers can be calculated fairly easily, but there are some intangibles that improve ROI and aren’t so easy to correlate. One such “intangible” is diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in a company’s workforce. In this article, we make a case for actively pursuing DEI (sometimes called just D&I for Diversity and Inclusion), in supply chains and business. Multiple guests on the Supply Chain Careers Podcast have emphasized how diverse backgrounds and viewpoints positively enhance the ability for supply [...]

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Elevator Pitch Tactics for Supply Chain Professionals

Introduction From your local coffee shop to a networking happy hour to meeting your significant other’s friends for the first time, typically the first thing people ask is “So what do you do for a living?” Today, while the supply chain discipline is more widely known, it’s still important to quickly and effectively be able to articulate what you do and the value you bring within your organization in layman's terms.  It’s always important to have a quick 30-60 second elevator pitch prepared for ANYONE you meet, as you never who you encounter and how they could not only [...]

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