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Second Round Interview Questions | How to Answer

Now that you’ve completed the first interview screen and have been contacted regarding the next round, it’s time to prepare for the second round interview questions. The questions in the second round can be much more in-depth than the  first round interview questions.

2022-06-09T15:41:25-04:00June 9, 2022|Career Development, Interviewing|

First Round Interview Questions | How to Answer

At SCM Talent Group, we hear all sorts of anecdotes about the candidate interview experience. We also provide resources to prepare candidates and applicants for the supply chain interview process, including what sorts of questions to expect. Below are some of the most common first round interview questions and our insights on how to best answer them.

2022-06-09T15:36:12-04:00June 9, 2022|Career Development, Interviewing|

Recruiting Home Depot’s first Supply Chain Department – SCM Talent Founder, Rodney Apple

Home Depot was in desperate need of building out their supply chain organization. So, they hired Rodney Apple. Working with the Senior VP of Global Logistics, Rodney got to work helping to build out Home Depot’s very first supply chain department.

Ghosts, Burning Bridges & Fake Green Pastures – Oh my!

Here are a few of the hot trends we’ve spotted in the overall supply chain job market along with our recommendations for how you can best position yourself for success, while avoiding the common pitfalls that exist within a high-demand, low unemployment job market.

Solutions to Mitigate Supply Chain Hiring Mistakes (Part Two)

In part one we broke down some of the common mistakes companies continue to make in hiring supply chain talent. Now it's time to provide some supply chain hiring solutions for you! In today’s candidate-driven market, organizations need to mitigate these mistakes and improve how they go about finding supply chain talent.  This means doing [...]

2022-05-05T13:49:05-04:00May 5, 2022|Hiring & Recruiting|

8 Hiring Mistakes Supply Chain Companies Make (Part 1)

You're not getting the candidates you need because you're committing too many hiring mistakes. Recruiting and hiring within the Supply Chain discipline is difficult.  With the ongoing supply chain talent shortage and historically low unemployment driving up the need for supply chains to have the top players, locating top talent in a candidate-driven market can [...]

2022-05-04T16:22:33-04:00May 3, 2022|Hiring & Recruiting|

10 Do’s and Don’ts on How to Quit Your Job

It's very important to know how to quit your job. As 2022 gets into high gear the and supply chain discipline continues to be a candidate-driven market.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, supply chain logistics jobs are expected to increase by 30% in the next 8 years! There's a shortage of supply [...]

2022-04-20T13:26:00-04:00April 11, 2022|Career Development, Job Search|

Top Warehouse Skills Sought After in Warehouse Managers

Possessing warehouse skills can offer lucrative internal promotions for warehouse operatives, in particular for those with the drive to advance their supply chain careers into warehouse management. Starting salaries are typically in the $60,000-$80,000 range for warehouse managers, and can spike into the mid-to-high $100K range for those that manage large and more complex [...]

2021-11-16T09:17:38-05:00November 9, 2021|Career Development|

Webinar – “Hiring & Retaining Supply Chain Professionals in a Competitive Environment” – Watch Recap

Staying ahead of the supply chain talent war is one of the biggest challenges facing employers. It has been more difficult than ever to hire and retain professionals within your supply chain organization. Part 1 - October 27th, 2021 | Webinar  Recap Topics Covered: Pain Employers are Feeling Right Now [...]

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