Bonus Tips – Here’s advice for making your resume easier to scan:

  • Bold and capitalize all Headings (e.g. Name, Summary, Experience, Education, Certifications, etc.) in a font size of 14 – 16. Use 11 or 12 for everything else.
  • Use Helvetica or Arial for font style as these are the two most popular. Avoid Times New Roman as it’s considered outdated.
  • Incorporate proper spacing between each section of your resume as this makes it much easier for the human eye to efficiently and quickly scan across and down.
  • Bullets are mandatory, never write long paragraphs!
  • Each bullet point should contain a brief action-oriented sentence or two that quickly explains a) responsibility, b) accomplishment and c) quantified result.
  • Strike a good balance between too much detail and not enough detail with the goal of providing just enough information to WOW your audience. Don’t forget to detail size and scope for the areas of the supply chain you’ve managed or supported, as covered above in Tip #2.
  • The right supply chain keywords are critical to have on your resume. Supply Chain Recruiters and applicant tracking software both use keywords to electronically scan and filter resumes, in efforts to quickly narrow the applicant pool down to the most qualified. Make sure your primary keywords are included and flow naturally without keyword stuffing your resume.
  • Try to refrain from abbreviating and using acronyms unless they’re very common to industry e.g. SCM, TMS, WMS, etc.

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