Company Name

Confidential Search

Search Job Title

Senior Director of Operations

Client Profile

Headquartered in Spain, they are a leading European manufacturer of pumps and systems for complex fluids and one of the most important in the pumping industry worldwide. The third generation, privately owned company founded in 1958, has obtained a great reputation in the pumping industry due to its focus on product innovation and quality of service.

Role Objectives & Challenges

This was a replacement search due to a retirement of a long-standing 30 year employee which gave our client the opportunity to revamp the position to be comparable to where the company has grown and where they want to be in the future. This position is to support and collaborate across many functions of the operation in the plant. While still reporting to senior leadership in Spain, this role also is to lead the expansion of new product lines and be the leader for the North American market.

Our Approach to Solve the Search

We were able to start the search by building off our foundation and network of past clients and candidates. We worked closely with the client to build out the ideal candidate profile and consulted with them on the future state of their organization and expansion into the North America markets. Between the opportunity, location, and the client’s responsiveness, we quickly got a slate of qualified candidates in front of the client and had multiple candidates to compare throughout the process.

The Hire & Results

We had several strong candidates from various backgrounds who had previously led multiple plant operations. We focused our vetting heavily on their leadership and change management skills given the longevity of how long the plant has been operating and the difficulty in transforming an operation they would be taking over. The position was filled largely due to the client's collaboration and partnership.