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Building Materials Recruiters

Hire Leading Building Materials Candidates.

SCM Talent Group’s building materials recruiters transform companies with leadership talent. Fill out our form or call 1-877-236-0420 to speak to an executive recruiter.

Discover Top Talent in Building Materials Leadership

Can’t find talent to match your specific building materials needs?

We specialize in connecting top talent with leading companies in the building materials industry. Our expertise in executive and professional searches ensures your company accesses the best leadership and technical skills in the sector.


Our building materials recruiters land talent well-versed in each focus area:








Brick and Clay




Plastic and Composites




Ceramic Tiles


Michael Brewster

Practice Director – Building Materials

Michael Brewster is an experienced recruiter with 19 years in sales and a specialized focus in End-to-End Supply Chain and executive search for the past 8 years. Initially starting his career with the Atlanta Braves, and later moving into insurance and manufacturing, Michael has consistently excelled in securing significant contracts and fostering strong relationships. At SCM Talent Group, he leverages his expertise to connect top talent with leading firms in the building materials industry, ensuring matches that are not just skillful but also a good cultural fit. Michael is dedicated to advancing his clients’ success through strategic partnerships.

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“In my career, I have had the opportunity to work with several professional recruiters as both a candidate and client, and among those professionals, SCM Talent Group & Rodney Apple stand out.”

Vice President of Supply Chain, The Home Depot

“Michael is one of those rare finds that you know is very good at what they do as soon as you have your first engagement with them. Michael is professional but personable; although you can quickly tell he really knows what he is doing, he still takes the time to listen to you. He understands the value of customer service. I have spoken to many recruiters in my day; some were even personal friends; but I cant think of any who were better at what they do. As a hiring manager, If I ever need to fill a position Michael would be my first call. “

Operations Manager, Harry Miller

“SCM Talent Group not only knows recruiting, they themselves, are Supply Chain professionals who know the industry and understand the needs of the client in order to provide top-notch talent in a competitive market. Their fees are reasonable and they are not pushy like many other agency recruiters. They truly have the client’s best interest in mind.”

HR Manager, HD Supply

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SCM Talent Group has filled over 1,500 roles throughout the entirety of the supply chain:

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