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Elevate Your Supply Chain Team With Precision-driven Talent Solutions.

Join hundreds of organizations who are eliminating hiring risks and gaining access to top supply chain talent.

In Business For

20+ years

Supply Chain Positions Filled

1500+ Roles

Secure your competitive advantage
with supply chain leaders.


we’ll find The talent For You.

Supply Chain Expertise

A deep understanding of needs, trends, and required skill sets within supply chain.

Access to Talent Pool

Access to an extensive supply chain network and pool of passive candidates.

Speed to Hire

Begin reviewing candidates within 7 days of the launched search.

Talent Advice

Supply chain talent advice beyond recruiting. Strategically enhance your workforce.

Eliminate Hiring Risks

If a new hire doesn’t work out, we find a replacement at no additional charge.

Cost Effectiveness

Focus your organization’s internal resources on its core operations rather than recruiting.

Trusted by High Performing Supply Chain Organizations


A Recruiting Team Comprised of Supply Chain Experts


“In my career, I have had the opportunity to work with several professional recruiters as both a candidate and client, and among those professionals, SCM Talent Group & Rodney Apple stand out.”

Vice President of Supply Chain, The Home Depot

“SCM Talent Group not only knows recruiting, they themselves, are Supply Chain professionals who know the industry and understand the needs of the client in order to provide top-notch talent in a competitive market. Their fees are reasonable and they are not pushy like many other agency recruiters. They truly have the client’s best interest in mind.”

HR Manager, HD Supply

“SCM Talent Group’s staff have been in the Supply Chain space for a very long time, so it was very easy for them to understand exactly what we were looking for. Our hiring managers have a great relationship with their team. I would highly recommend SCM Talent Group for any Supply Chain or Quality search needs! SCM Talent Group will be partners with Berlin for a very long time.”

Director of Talent Management, Berlin Packaging

“SCM Talent Group is my go-to recruitment team when I need to find top talent. They are incredibly professional and find all-star candidates lightning fast ensuring that the individuals placed are a great cultural fit. I can’t recommend SCM Talent Group enough!”

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Red Bud Brands

“SCM Talent Group has been a great help with recruiting one of the niche roles we had a hard time recruiting for a while. Their team carefully calibrated their search based on our company’s needs. In addition, they are very responsive for any questions or concerns. Thank you for all the help, we look forward to working with you again!”

Human Resource Manager, Joola

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