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Top Supply Chain Careers Podcast Episodes in 2023

By Published On: January 17, 2024

The Supply Chain Careers Podcast features career-oriented conversations across various supply chain disciplines, hosted by Rodney Apple, Chris Gaffney, and Michael Ogle. It covers topics such as career and professional development, as well as hiring, retaining, and developing supply chain talent. The podcast includes interviews with leading supply chain professionals and executives from some of the nation’s biggest brands, offering deep insights into the different stages of their careers and what led to their success. The podcast includes a Career Series, Leadership Series, Human Resources Series, and a Day in the Life Series.

Below are the top 10 most downloaded episodes in 2023:

#10 – Chris Brown

In This Episode – Navigating Complex Supply Chain Transformations:

Chris takes us on a captivating journey through his 25+ years in the industry. Discover how his career aspirations evolved from the prospect of becoming a journeyman electrician to finding his true passion in warehousing and the art of bringing order to chaos. Get ready to absorb his invaluable wisdom on navigating rapid and intricate transformations, mastering the art of decision-making at critical junctures, and fearlessly tackling the toughest challenges head-on.

Who is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown is the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations for Rise Baking Company. Rise Baking Co. specializes in the production of premium bakery products for in-store bakery, food service and convenience channels in North America. Chris and his teams are responsible for Network Design and Optimization, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Transportation, Engineering, Food Quality & Safety, Inventory Policies, and detailed Production Scheduling of Rise’s 16 Manufacturing Centers and deployment of inventory to 40+ distribution facilities. In a career spanning over 25 years in Supply Chain he has worked in 3PL, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Operations, Warehousing , IT & Transportation. Chris earned a B.S. in Business Management from Limestone University in Gaffney, South Carolina.

#9 – John White

In This Episode – Reflections on Practical Leadership:

Our focus is primarily on leadership lessons coming out of John’s new book, Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership. His book is based on leadership insights from a wide variety of business leaders at the highest positions of their companies. Drawing on his experiences, John shares some of his favorite leadership and life lessons in the book and his thoughts about pursuing careers in supply chain.

Who is John White?

John A. White’s decorated six-decade career in engineering, business, science, and academia includes stints as the Dean of Engineering at Georgia Tech University, the Chancellor of the University of Arkansas, and two terms on the National Science Foundation in the engineering directorate. As the co-founder of SysteCon, he revolutionized the way material handling systems were designed for manufacturing and distribution. White’s new book, Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership, explores leadership philosophy based on White’s extensive personal experience as well as insights and anecdotes from some of the most innovative and successful business, military, political, and academic leaders of our time.

#8 – Frank Boxley

In This Episode – A Day In The Life of a Planning Manager:

Frank unpacks his daily routine, from navigating key variables to orchestrating a symphony of collaboration across finance, sales, purchasing, and beyond. His strategic use of data has transformed decision-making, overcoming challenges of skepticism and bridging gaps in understanding.

Who is Ken Edwards?

Frank Boxley is a seasoned Planning and Sales professional with over 5 years of experience in Fortune 300 and international materials manufacturing companies. He is proficient in leveraging data to offer strategic insights, analyze and interpret results, and produce comprehensive reports. Frank has a strong understanding of financial statements, operations, and supply chain management.

His career began in the Sales Department at Steel Dynamics, one of the largest domestic steel producers and metal recyclers in the United States. Recognized for his ability to leverage data sources to provide valuable insights into sales operations, thereby increasing service and operational efficiencies, Frank was promoted to a Production Planner role. In this position, he skillfully utilized market and manufacturing data to optimize product mix and production schedules, significantly enhancing profitability.

In 2021, Frank joined Mersen, a vertically integrated graphite manufacturer headquartered in Paris, France, as a Production Planner. His exceptional performance led to a promotion to Planning Manager, where he was responsible for directing the activities of Inventory, Logistics, and Planning. Frank is currently pursuing his MBA at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business while working full-time for Mersen.

#7 – Mark Shaughnessy

In This Episode – Building Networks Before You Need Them:

We speak with Mark Shaughnessy as he shares the greatest influences that developed his unique supply chain career. Mark started his career with a rotational program which provided multi-unit business exposure to positions that provided him with a transition from a technical expert to a general manager.

Who is Mark Shaughnessy?

Mark currently leads Crowsnest Capital, which invests in and provides advisory support to companies in the Consumer, Industrial and Supply Chain Technology categories. He is an accomplished operating executive with experience in businesses ranging in size from pre-revenue ventures to $20+ billion global corporations. In his career he has led teams to success across multiple industries, customer channels and operating environments. Mark previously served as President and CEO of Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales & Services (CCBSS), a shared services organization that aggregates and optimizes supplier and customer-facing operations for Coca-Cola’s U.S. bottling franchise network. His early supply chain experiences included Mars Incorporated’s US Pet Food business and Cargill’s commodity trading, food processing operations and financial instrument trading. Mark has degrees in International Finance and Spanish from Brown University.

#6 – Tim York

In This Episode – A Day In The Life of a Director of Continuous Improvement:

We explore the role of a Director of Continuous Improvement with Tim York! Tim answers questions about his current role related to:

  • What are your day-to-day position duties?
  • What do you enjoy most about the position?
  • How can you advance from your position?

Who is Tim York?

Tim York has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, holding roles ranging from temporary laborer to facility management to corporate leadership. He has always had a passion for improving the processes to maximize the success of the business and the individuals that work hard every day to earn a living. Over the course of his career he has found great opportunity in taking advantage of company trainings, participating in cross-functional teams, leading lean projects, and pursuing higher education. Through these efforts, he has been blessed to be in a position to help not only himself and his family, but also his peers, his company, and more importantly, the individuals that drive the success of their organizations.

#5 – Chris Gaffney – Leadership Series

In This Episode – Adult Learning & Development Planning:

We focus on Development Planning and Adult Learning. Listen and learn how to get started and apply the 70 20 10 concept that helps you weave your development and learning into the job, making the time and space for development. Learn how to own your development plan and how to work with your supervisor and your team to be the most effective at not just developing yourself, but leading others as well.

Who is Chris Gaffney?

  • Talent advisor for SCM Talent Group
  • Principal at ECG providing Supply Chain Services to the CPG Industry
  • 25 Years w/ Coca-Cola holding Supply Chain leadership roles:
    • VP of Global Strategic Supply Chain
    • President of Global Supply
    • SVP of Product Supply Systems
    • VP of Logistics for North America

#4 – Robert Martichenko

In This Episode – Supply Chain Career Tips:

We speak with lean and six sigma expert and multi-book author, Robert Martichenko about his career path. Robert provides valuable insights that can be used to advance your supply chain career. He shares the story of the founding of LEANCOR and his new TrailPaths organization. He also outlines the hard and soft skills vital to a highly valued supply chain professional with a strong continuous improvement mindset.

Who is Robert Martichenko?

Robert Martichenko is the Founder of TrailPaths Incorporated. He spent more than fifteen years as the founder and CEO of the LeanCor Supply Chain Group (acquired by Uber Freight in 2020). Robert sits on multiple advisory boards, including the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). In addition, he has received several prominent industry awards, including the Distinguished Service Award from CSCMP. Robert has written and co-written several business books, including Discovering Hidden ProfitPeople: A leader’s day-to-day guide to building, managing, and sustaining lean organizationsBuilding a Lean Fulfillment Stream, Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade and Lean Six Sigma Logistics. Robert is an active speaker addressing topics such as Lean, Operational Excellence, the Future of Workforce Development and Creating Meaningful Employment Environments. Robert earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, an MBA in Finance, and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

#3 – Sarah VanDermyden

In This Episode – A Day in the Life of a Buyer:

We explore the role of a Buyer with Sarah VanDermyden! Currently, Sarah serves as a Buyer II for MasTec Industrial. Sarah answers questions about her current role related to:

  • What are your day-to-day position duties?
  • What do you enjoy most about the position?
  • How can you advance from your position?

Who is Sarah Vandermyden?

Sarah VanDermyden has been a Buyer in the Denver area since 2016 and has procured for various industries including mobility, HVAC, beauty, & construction. She is passionate about logistics, providing the utmost customer service, and having transparent communication as a coworker & employee. Procurement was an opportunity that fell into her lap after an unexpected job loss and she hit the ground running in this field. Her mother has been in procurement over 30 years so going down this path was a matter of legacy & pride at the time. Sarah is currently living in Denver with her husband and 2 cats.

#2 – 50th Special Episode

In This Episode – 50th Episode Special – Best of Supply Chain Careers:

Supply Chain Careers podcast hosts, Mike OgleChris Gaffney, and Rodney Apple are excited to present a 50th special – “Best of Episode” that includes best practices from some of Supply Chain’s most influential thought leaders!

Our hosts highlight key supply chain career insights across all of their previously released podcast episodes. A few topics covered in this episode are career paths, mentorship, leadership, hard/soft skills, career advice, and much more!

We have enjoyed recording each episode and providing the supply chain community with actionable and insightful resources from some of supply chain’s best minds. Here’s to another 50 episodes as we strive to get to 100!

#1 – Tim Grant

In This Episode – Shaping a Career in Logistics:

We speak with Tim Grant, the VP of Logistics & Customer Service for Marzetti. Tim’s experience also includes a variety of positions over 28 years with Abbott Laboratories. Tim talks about his career path, career enabling experiences, challenges he has faced and learned from, plus his thoughts about a constantly changing career in supply chain and logistics.

Who is Tim Grant?

Tim is the VP of Logistics & Customer Service for T. Marzetti. Tim also spent over 28 years in Pharmaceuticals, Diabetes Care & Nutrition with Abbott Laboratories. Tim’s specialties are developing high-performing teams, aligning strategies, and executing corporate initiatives around the globe. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration & management information systems from Ohio University, an MBA in International Business from Franklin University, and has been accepted as a Doctoral Candidate in business leadership at Liberty University in Lynchburg VA.

Tim is known as an engaging servant leader with a passion for coaching, team development, and helping others achieve superior results. Tim has a life mission of leaving everyone and everything a bit better than the way he found them.

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