Attracting Top Supply Chain Talent – Tips and Tactics for Success

By Published On: June 14, 2021

Every supply chain is unique. They differ in many ways too, from organizational design, processes, systems, SKUs, performance, and many other attributes. But, one thing all supply chains have in common is that they are looking for the best talent relevant to their needs.

When it comes to attracting top supply chain talent, how can your organization make improvements? Many people might initially think that it is all about the money – the monetary compensation that makes the difference in drawing top supply chain recruits. Though competitive salaries are important, they alone are not what will make exceptional talent choose your company.

The world has changed in the last few years, and especially last year, 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many people to look at life through a different lens and attribute value to more intangible aspects of work rather than solely compensation. So, whereas pre-pandemic may have seen a lot of weight put on monetary remuneration, now your organization needs to offer much more in other ways to be successful in bringing in the best of the best to work for you.

People seeking jobs are drawn to businesses that offer competitive pay, room for advancement, and a vibrant, thriving company culture. Supply chain professionals in the top tier know their worth and are in great demand. You must differentiate your company, supply chain, and operations from others and exhibit how you will help them achieve their career goals. Let’s look at nine areas where you can make your company more attractive to top supply chain talent starting in 2021.

Company Branding and Reputation

In attracting the best talent, your company must create a reputation as a place where candidates want to work. Create a consistent message that tells candidates why they should want to work for you. Answer questions in your branding such as “What makes your company culture appealing?” and “Why do your employees want to come to work every day?”

For you to appeal to the top tier of supply chain talent, you should work on developing branding, not only for your products, but also around your working practices. By investing time and effort to create an efficient supply chain hiring process that promotes and reflects the reputation, you can ensure the message is communicated during hiring.

Company Culture

Great candidates are looking for a culture that speaks to them personally. People want to work for a company that cares about them and the community at large. Candidates are looking for a culture that embraces and values individuals. Use employee surveys to get an idea of your company culture and make sure it’s up to your standards. Employee feedback is critical.

Here are some examples that can show how a company culture values the employees:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Autonomy
  • Team lunches daily or weekly
  • More paid time off
  • Parental leave
  • Gym memberships

Establish Perks to Attract Supply Chain Talent

Top talent appreciates perks that show your commitment to them. Some can be small and others can be larger. Again, flexible work schedules to accommodate heavy traffic during commute times is a big perk. Providing on-site free snacks is a small perk with a big impact. Having team-building exercises and events is a large perk that has a big bang. Health wellness programs are an increasingly important perk to employees.

Provide Relevant Interview Training for Managers

The line managers play an important part in the interview process. Before interviewing the candidates, provide relevant interview-focused training to the managers so that they can successfully present both themselves and the company. Look to your management team for modeling the company’s values and challenge them to do their best every day.

Personal Fulfillment

When attracting top supply chain talent, it’s important to show candidates that they aren’t just “cog in the wheel” helping the enterprise chug along. Instead, you want them to know that they matter and how their work impacts the organization, as supply chain is all about adding value. This gives employees a sense of fulfillment and is important when hiring the best. These candidates want to make a tangible difference and be able to see how their particular work affects their department and the company, and even the society at large.

Career Development

The best talent wants the ability to progress in their career. Not only is it important to attract the talent, but it is also essential to offer new growth opportunities that give trained and qualified employees incentive to stay at your company for the long term. Your organization should provide programs to continually train and develop their skills and knowledge. The benefit to the organization is its ability to attract and retain top supply chain talent. The employees benefit by broadening themselves. They are better able to adapt to future changes in their roles, stay engaged, feel enthusiastic about their function, and advance their career.

Create Ambassadors

When your company culture embraces qualities that people value, such as flexible work schedules or working remotely, you’ll find employees in your current workforce who will serve as ambassadors to spread the good word. Create a program that taps into their engagement and commitment to your mission and values. Train them to effectively articulate the culture and the perks of their jobs. Go over company talking points, and using social media like LinkedIn to promote the company’s culture and mission.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs can develop future leaders, and are especially helpful for new employees or young employees who are directly out of college. A mentoring program helps them find experienced employees who can guide them on their professional journeys. These programs can increase employee retention, develop a workplace of satisfaction, and nurture professional growth.

Focus on Diversity

Having a focus on diversity shows that your company is more than just interested in being inclusive in hiring practices, you are doing something about it. Top-tier, talented individuals understand that a more diverse workforce brings a wider range of insights and experience to the organization and these are the companies they want to work for.


We have highlighted nine areas where you can make your organization much more attractive to top supply chain talent. Focus on these at your company and see your ability to bring more talented individuals into your hiring process.


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