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Rodney Apple to speak at the CSCMP Conference on Supply Chain Talent Development

By Published On: September 28, 2012

I am very excited about the upcoming Annual CSCMP Global Conference that’s being held in Atlanta from Sunday, September 30th through Wednesday, October 3rd. This is one of the premiere supply chain conferences on the planet and is chock-full of educational sessions that span every supply chain topic imaginable.
Yours truly will be participating on the “Supply Chain Management Talent Development” panel session on Tuesday (see details below). This session will discuss findings from a recent CSCMP research project on SCM Talent Development and will address current trends/issues that relate to the following topics:

Key Supply Chain Skills
Supply Chain Recruiting
Candidate Onboarding
Supply Chain Talent Development
Supply Chain Career Paths
Employee Retention

Track: Current Issues I
Session: CSCMP Research Project: Supply Chain Management Talent Development
Date: 10/2/2012 (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM)
Room: B406
Description: Headcount reduction during the Great Recession depleted the SCM talent pool in many organizations. In an effort to recover, leading companies are initiating innovative SCM talent development and team building strategies. The CSCMP SCM Talent Development research team and supply chain executives will discuss key findings and insights from the study.
Session Type: Panel Discussion
Education Level: Intermediate
Session Keywords: Human Resources, Education/Training
Session Speakers:
Rodney Apple
President / Supply Chain Recruiter
SCM Talent Group, LLC
Brian Gibson
Wilson Family Professor of Supply Chain Management
Auburn University
Sean Goffnett
Asst Professor
Central Michigan University
John Vogt
Vice President of Logistics
Zachary Williams
Associate Professor of Logistics
Central Michigan University