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Quality Manager Job Description and Position Overview

Quality management is an essential aspect of every successful organization, with a dedicated Quality Manager ensuring products and services meet the highest standards. But what makes a Quality Manager truly exceptional? How do they navigate the intricate world of quality assurance and quality control? In this blog post, we will delve into the various aspects of quality management, from the core responsibilities and essential skills to the job market and salary expectations. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on a rewarding career as a Quality Manager or enhance your current role in this dynamic field. Key Takeaways [...]

By |November 15, 2023|

Director of Business Development Job Description

Director of Business Development This Director of Business Development job description will help you to better understand the position's needs and value. Growing a business, establishing new connections and finding opportunities is extremely important and that’s the true role of a Director of Business Development. People in this role are known for being great at fostering connections, yet they are also generous and know how to access the right connections that eventually help grow and expand your business. On top of that, the Director of Business Development is usually the face of your company for prospective partners. The director [...]

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7 Creative Ways to Find Supply Chain Talent (INFOGRAPHIC)

Struggling to hire and retain supply chain talent? Be sure to check out SCM Talent Group’s 10 part blog series that covers the top strategies employers can implement to improve their ability to hire and retain supply chain talent. If your primary recruiting strategy is “posting and praying”, you are basically fishing from a freshwater pond versus the ocean. There’s a sea of top performers that are content in their current roles and are rarely surfing the job boards, so if you think you’re going to find supply chain talent through a job advertisement, you’re setting yourself up for [...]

By |February 1, 2023|
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