Supply Chain Hiring Strategy: Why SEO is an Essential Component

Implementing a hiring strategy suitable for qualified talent can often be challenging, recruiters are increasingly posting their jobs online. In fact, Google has revealed that almost 30 percent of all searches on its platform, around 300 million per month, are job-related. While this news appears encouraging, it can also be a sign that job ads [...]

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Common First Round Interview Questions and How to Answer

As a leading supply chain recruiting firm, it is common for our candidates to go through different interview processes with various companies, then report back to us about their interview experiences. Below are some of the most common first round interview questions and our insights on how to best answer them.   Tell me about yourself.  [...]

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Proactive Ways to Enhance Your Logistics Hiring and Recruitment Process

Is your logistics organization suffering because of a broken hiring and recruitment process? Tired of losing candidates because they are going through too many rounds of onsite interviews? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it’s time to focus on optimizing your logistics hiring and recruiting process. To stay on top of [...]

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Video Interviewing Made Easy – Keys to a Successful Video Interview

      You may have ended up here reading this because you’re thinking it's time you finally figure out how to properly interview over a video call.  Having a successful video interview seems pretty easy though, right? Wrong.   A lot more can go south in a video interview than an in-person interview simply [...]

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3 Part Webinar Series – Obtain the Supply Chain Job You Deserve: Pandemic-era Job Search Strategies

  PART 3: Interview and Offer Negotiation Webinar! Presented by ASCM Career Coach and SCM Talent Group President Rodney Apple WATCH RECAP HERE           PART 2: Job Search & Networking Strategies Webinar!  Presented by ASCM Career Coach and SCM Talent [...]

Toolkit for Supply Chain Disruptions

Jobless claims have reached a record high, and millions will be focused on seeking new employment within an economy that has been shocked to its core by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. In the spirit of helping professionals that have been laid off or furloughed, SCM Talent Group  has just completed a compilation of our top [...]

Mission: Follow-up Interview

You landed the first interview, and you felt you really knocked it out of the park. You’re supposed to hear back in a few days, and then that time passes with no follow up interview or call….what do you do? Being either an in-person or phone interview, waiting to hear back can be tough.  As [...]

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How to Transition Military Supply Chain Skills into the Civilian Sector

  The transition for military candidates into civilian jobs can be an arduous process. Luckily, there are plenty of great resources available to assist with learning the civilian lingo and translating one’s military supply chain experience into the civilian sector. Included below are some tips and specialized resources to assist with learning the civilian supply [...]

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How to Address Questions About Current And Desired Salary

The all-important “What’s your current and desired salary?” questions that are typically asked in a job interview can be challenging to address especially if you haven’t spent any time preparing your thoughts for how you would respond to these questions. I view these salary questions as a poker game where the goal of one party is [...]

7 Tips to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Time and time again, candidates underestimate the importance of the initial phone interview and choose to "wing it" instead of taking ample time to prepare in advance. While phone interviews are more informal than face-to-face interviews, it’s the critical first step in determining if you move onto the next round. This is the first impression [...]

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